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Accommodation either in families (Homestay), University Halls of residence, bed and breakfast or self-catering can be arranged, as well as airport transfer.

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Open World UK specialises in placing those wishing to study English in English Language Schools and University Language Centres in the UK .

You can choose from institutions in the UK which we represent.

A full range of courses (in groups or one-to-one) are available including:

General English - these courses focus on improving all your language skills: grammar, reading, speaking and listening, pronunciation and vocabulary development for effective communication in day to day situations.

Academic English - these courses aim to prepare you for study (under-graduate and post-graduate) at an English speaking university. You will improve your general English skills (grammar and vocabulary) as well as develop academic English and study skills such as essay planning and organisation, listening to lectures, discussion and presentation skills, academic reading strategies, independent study and critical thinking.

Business/Professional English - these courses develop Engish language skills to enable you to communicate more effectively in a business/professional environement e.g. writing reports and emails, language of negotiation, meetings and conferences.

Examination Preparation (e.g. IELTS, Cambridge Certificates) - courses which help you to attain the English language level needed for acceptance at an English speaking university or college.

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